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Reflecting on New Orleans


She calls to me with her third world rugged beauty. I sense palaces hidden behind dilapidated exteriors. It’s a place of magick and mystery, shadows and glamour. All of this breathes under a muggy, laid back city, casual in it’s daily repose, sultry and alive at night. I close my eyes and see dark glittering eyes, bones and feathers. She beckons, but the call may be too dangerous for me.

Leaving NY


Well,  we’re embarking on our next leg of the journey to New Orleans. New York’s been awesome. I think we really accomplished a lot. Had a cocktail at the haunted Heckyll and Jeckyll, ate a fabulous dinner at Perilla, fell in love with a pug puppy named Ploopy, checked out a cool doom metal show at Party Expo and worked a few days at Tattoo Culture.

I gotta say, I’ve noticed something about working on the road that I think is funny. At home, being booked up for about 3 months at a time affords me the privilege to be very discerning about what tattoos I do. I like to think of this selectiveness as being a responsible tattoo artist of integrity. And yet, once I’m accepting walk-ins during guest spots, all that shit flies right out the window. You want an all white tattoo smaller than a dime? Sure. You want lettering done so small that it’s gonna look like a larva puked on your skin in 6 months? Okay. I mean, I emphatically warn these people about what’s gonna happen, but if they’re that insistent, fuck it. It’s mind boggling how adamant people are about what they want despite the advice and urging of a professional. Admittedly,these folks had decent reasons for having it their way. One, was an actress who needed to have the option of concealing her tattoo if need be and the other client was concerned about the reaction of her very conservative boss. Both stated that the whole point of the tattoo was that it reminded them of something, not that it held up or that others could read it. At home, I’d be all concerned about my name and reputation being marred, but it’s different out here. Truth is, most these folks aren’t going to remember my name once they leave, if they ever had it. They just got some tattoo by some chick that took 10 minutes. It’s sort of oddly humbling.

A word on disposable tubes…



Greetings from NY


Hey! Luis and I landed in New York about a week and a half ago and it’s been non stop ever since. The two of us have pretty much taken over our friends’ home in Croton Falls. NY. It’s beautiful out here, much different than the City. It kinda reminds me of the Pacific Northwest, with it’s drizzly gray days and dense greenery. Every day has been a new adventure. We’ve already visited a Buddhist monastery housing the U.S.’s largest indoor Buddha, had a picnic at  the original Friday the 13th was filmed,shopped, attended a wedding reception and done the touristy Manhattan thing. Luis got put to work preparing food for Brandon and Mike’s wedding reception and I’ve been tattooing both out of their house and at Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn. Last night, we went dancing at this little death rock club called Weird inside Home Sweet Home. Luis and I were the only ones dancing but it was cool. I haven’t swum to the surface like that since the Amazon days.

Today is my second day at Tattoo Culture. So far I haven’t done a single tattoo.I’m not worried about it though. I’m just happy to be here. Tattoo shops always feel a little homey to me. Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back, draw, network, work on the website, whatever, go get coffee. Everybody is super chill here. I’m leaving out so much shit about our new York exploits, but I’m kind of out of it right now. Until next time…