Greetings from NY

Hey! Luis and I landed in New York about a week and a half ago and it’s been non stop ever since. The two of us have pretty much taken over our friends’ home in Croton Falls. NY. It’s beautiful out here, much different than the City. It kinda reminds me of the Pacific Northwest, with it’s drizzly gray days and dense greenery. Every day has been a new adventure. We’ve already visited a Buddhist monastery housing the U.S.’s largest indoor Buddha, had a picnic at  the original Friday the 13th was filmed,shopped, attended a wedding reception and done the touristy Manhattan thing. Luis got put to work preparing food for Brandon and Mike’s wedding reception and I’ve been tattooing both out of their house and at Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn. Last night, we went dancing at this little death rock club called Weird inside Home Sweet Home. Luis and I were the only ones dancing but it was cool. I haven’t swum to the surface like that since the Amazon days.

Today is my second day at Tattoo Culture. So far I haven’t done a single tattoo.I’m not worried about it though. I’m just happy to be here. Tattoo shops always feel a little homey to me. Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back, draw, network, work on the website, whatever, go get coffee. Everybody is super chill here. I’m leaving out so much shit about our new York exploits, but I’m kind of out of it right now. Until next time…

Posted on: 04.29.10

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