Greetings from Sedona!

Hey there! It’s been a packed few days since I last posted. So, while we were in Fontana, I managed to do a little work on this great kid from the OC. His mom and her husband get tattooed by me in Sacramento. They were the ones that first suggested that I check out Jerome, AZ.¬† More on that later. Anyway, we were able to finish up his koi piece. After that, Brian, Luis and I had bomb sushi at Miyagi’s in the murder capitol of the U.S., San Bernadino. This place turned into a rave for like a second over someone’s birthday, complete with glowsticks. Spent some time later with old dear friends. Somewhere in there was a discussion about attack peacocks. The next morning we said our goodbyes to Brian and headed off to the Integratron in Landers, CA. We got there 5 MINUTES after it closed to the public for the rest of April! BOOOO!! No alien suggested sound baths for me then! So the cool thing is that everyone there was super sweet and I had a total Burningman flashback out there. I’m pretty sure those were the Hammock Village camp folks. I don’t know, maybe the Hammock Village gave it away. Anyway, this is a picture of the Integratron from the otha side o the fence. We just drove after that. You know, the road to Pheonix is full of curious things. My aforementioned flashback was starting to develop into a state of being out in the desert. We saw pink flamingos with fairy wings, a random amusement park in the middle of nowhere and a secluded resort called¬† Lost Lake. After eating at Brokeback Denny’s and spending the night in a Walmart parking lot in Pheonix, we moved on to Jerome, AZ. Jerome, a ghost town that’s been featured on The Discovery Channel, is rumored to be the home of Maynard and his Merkin Vineyards. I s’pose I could Google that and find out for sure, but whatever. Pop Quiz: what’s a merkin? hehehehe! So this place was groovy and I could see making a home out there. There’s a spooky yet friendly artistic vibe out there. Pretty mellow. Unfortunately, my pictures of it blow, so just look it up on the interweb or whatever. We spent a quiet morning cruising the streets and split for Sedona, which is our current location. It’s been amazing here so far. However, you’re just gonna hafta tune in later, because I’m fading after writing this here book. Trust, much has gone on…

Posted on: 04.14.10

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