What's Happening

These Days…


I know it’s been a while since I last posted. Mostly I’ve been decompressing from the road trip and lining up the pieces for my next move. My plan is to open a private studio in between 3-6 months. I’ve been busying myself by tying up loose financial ends, seeking prospective spaces and perfecting my […]

Thank you!


I’d like to share my gratitude to all those that called in last weekend for appointments and to those that have expressed interest in my work! Without you, I would have no canvas! I mean, I guess there’s always regular canvas, but it’s kinda boring and doesn’t tell amazing, inspiring, funny or sometimes tragic stories. […]

Upcoming Booking Dates…


Greetings! I will be conducting my next booking days over the phone, this coming weekend, May 15th and 16th. I’ll be booking for June, July and August. I will disclose the number to reach me at closer to the weekend. I’ll be taking calls from 10a.m.- 5p.m. both days or until my appointment times are […]

Reflecting on New Orleans


She calls to me with her third world rugged beauty. I sense palaces hidden behind dilapidated exteriors. It’s a place of magick and mystery, shadows and glamour. All of this breathes under a muggy, laid back city, casual in it’s daily repose, sultry and alive at night. I close my eyes and see dark glittering […]