What's Happening

What up from Ohio


Hey there! Well, we’ve sure crossed a bunch of state lines since I last posted. We’re really trying to get to White Plains, NY by tomorrow night. We have about 650 miles left. No problem. Man, these marathon driving sessions, mostly in the rain, have worn me out. I’ve been too pooped to post lately. […]

Tuba City, AZ


Hey all! Well, Luis and I ended up here after our 5 min Grand Canyon tour. Okay, it mighta been a little longer than that. See, we had this really cool idea about camping on the Juniper Loop close to the Grand Canyon Village. We’re ahead of schedule so we planned on staying a couple […]

About Sedona


What can be said about Sedona? I can’t do it justice except to say it’s breathtaking in it’s natural beauty and transformative in it’s energy. I found you must be careful and very discerning in selecting a healer or an intuitive. I received some very unexpected healing in places that I didn’t look for it. […]

Real Quick…


I know you’ve noticed the rad portrait photography on this site, the black and white stuff and such. ( Not talkin’ about the tattoo pictures.) Well, give it up to Jill Auville for that. I strongly suggest going on Flickr or deviantArt and typing Pahness in their search engines. Your life will be forever changed […]