What's Happening

Greetings from Sedona!


Hey there! It’s been a packed few days since I last posted. So, while we were in Fontana, I managed to do a little work on this great kid from the OC. His mom and her husband get tattooed by me in Sacramento. They were the ones that first suggested that I check out Jerome, […]



Time for a little flashback action. So before I left Sacramento, I started this piece on the genius behind this website, Mike Linville. He’s not only super talented, but also an awesome client and guy.Much appreciation, man!

Hello from Fontana!


Hey there! Luis and I just rolled into Fontana to Brian Seghers and Dave Flores’s house about an hour ago. We’re a little beat after the drive and yet he’s busy in the kitchen making fish right now. I can’t wait to eat. Man, I’m starving! Anyway the weekend looks great. I’ll be finishing a […]

New Website


So the new site is up and ready to rock just in time for the ROAD TRIP !! As Alycia’s “technical advisor” I think this blog is going to be huge. I think that people will want to know what is happening in Alycia’s life because she is so damn cool. So here’s what you […]