Thank you!

I’d like to share my gratitude to all those that called in last weekend for appointments and to those that have expressed interest in my work! Without you, I would have no canvas! I mean, I guess there’s always regular canvas, but it’s kinda boring and doesn’t tell amazing, inspiring, funny or sometimes tragic stories. Sooooo…yeah.

The next three months look very promising! I’m excited to start some very cool new projects, get to traumatize some new victims…that’s always fun. As some of my regulars know, between the needles and some of MY stories, you may never be the same. I’d say “scarred for life”, but that just doesn’t bode well given my profession. Speaking of regulars, I look forward to diving right back into your pieces and moving them closer to completion.

For those of you that are interested in getting work done and maybe missed the call in dates, please contact me either online or give the shop a call. I can always put you on a cancellation list or maybe scan my schedule to see if I can work something out with you. The number at Leonardi Tattoo is (916) 973-1016.  Thanks again to all of you!

Posted on: 05.21.10

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